Candy Dots Puzzler Game- A Cool Craze Connect Dots Puzzles

4.1 ( 211 ratings )
Jeux Casse-tête Divertissement Famille
Développeur Lauren Klein

Connect and explode with hours of fun in this highly addictive strategy puzzle game!

While fast pasted and relaxing at the same time, come play the multiple levels this cage match of dots fun that the Candy Dots Puzzler Game has to offer!

Socially share your scores on Facebook and Twitter with each level you pass, and challenge your friends instantly to join in the fun… if they dare!

Make no mistake about it… you will get lost in this game and wonder where the hours went… so proceed with CAUTION!

The simple game play is easy to follow and excel at, and is fun for all ages.

Feature Include:

Super fun and addictive!
Soothing Soundtrack!

Bright Colorful Graphics! 

Simple Gameplay
Collaborative Social Sharing!

100% Free!
Fun For All Ages!